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Who Will Be There? The Benefits of Attending Real Conference 2001


Track 1: Media & Entertainment
With the rapid expansion of broadband and hundreds of millions of registered RealPlayer users worldwide, the Internet is a proven distribution method for media and entertainment. Fueled by a medium that combines the individuality of one-to-one and the magnitude of one-to-many, audience demand is shaping the base of an enormously profitable vehicle of mass communications. Simply put, a potential multi-billion dollar media and entertainment industry has been created. This track will outline the issues facing media and entertainment companies in today’s landscape, including business models, content delivery, security and non-PC devices.

Who should attend?
Media and Entertainment Executives; Content Owners; Creators and Developers; Broadcasters; Wireless Carriers; Consumer Electronics Manufacturers; and anyone with a vested interest in the business of Media and Entertainment.

    1. New Ways to Sell Online with Advertising,
        Sponsorship and E-Commerce
    2. Subscription and Pay-Per-View: The Holy Grail?
    3. Brand Insurance: Strategies for the New Media Space
    4. Content Strategies for Non-PC Devices
    5. The Pitch: Is Your Business a Survivor or…the Weakest Link?
    6. Media & Entertainment Offerings: A Roadmap

Track 2: Delivery & Infrastructure
The amount of compelling online content is exploding, and tens of millions of consumers are habitually using streaming media on a regular basis. Accommodating those needs requires a tremendous breadth and depth of media infrastructure build-outs and services. If you are involved in the business of delivering or hosting digital media, or planning to get into this business, then this track will help you to clearly understand how to make the most of this rapidly growing opportunity. RealNetworks brings together innovators from the leading enterprise, entertainment and telecommunications companies, as well as leaders from the key mobile and network providers, for an examination of the market trends, the future of Internet media delivery and a rare glimpse into the "hearts and minds" of the creators of today’s most compelling content.

Who should attend?
IS Management Professionals; Content Delivery Networks; Telecommunications Providers; Wireless Carriers; Internet Service Providers; DSL Providers; Cable MSOs; Satellite Companies; Infrastructure & Platform Providers; Application Solution Integrators; and anyone with a vested interest in the business of delivering or hosting digital media.

    1. The Infrastructure Behind the Pretty Face
    2. Economics of Delivering Digital Media Over IP Networks
    3. Fact and Fiction–Understanding Enterprise Needs
    4. What An Entertainment Executive Cares About
    5. Understanding Fundamental Shifts in the Infrastructure Landscape
    6. Competing for Consumers–Access Providers Speak!

Track 3: Enterprise, Gov't & Education
Organizations are using digital media to facilitate and improve internal and external communications and increase productivity while achieving significant cost savings. More and more corporations, government agencies and educational institutions are developing and implementing digital media strategies. What is your organization doing to benefit from digital media? This track will focus on the advantages and opportunities available to you through the use of digital media, including proven models, strategies and applications.

Who should attend?
CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, as well as Executives responsible for Internal Communications, Corporate Training, Sales, Marketing, Channel Management, Investor Relations and Information Systems.

Executives responsible for IT, Internal and External Communications and Training.

Executives responsible for the business and technical aspects of Distance Learning, Internal and External Communications and Special Event Strategies.

    1. Creating a Business Case for Streaming Media
    2. Leading Edge Applications to Address Business Needs
    3. Deploying the Right System for Your Organization
    4. The Evolving Roadmap for Enterprise Media Delivery
    5. Developing an E-Learning Solutions Strategy
    6. When Information is Your Product

Conference content subject to change.

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