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Track 1: Media & Entertainment
Session 1
New Ways to Sell Online with Advertising, Sponsorship and E-Commerce

Basic business models are the foundation for successful content companies. While the global ad market is currently soft, streaming media advertising is nonetheless delivering higher value at a higher rate, for both consumers and businesses. This session will provide a look at what’s new and working well in online advertising, including sponsorship models and how to integrate e-commerce successfully into your media business model.

Moderator: Dan Russell, General Manager, Adsales, RealNetworks
Speakers: Joan Fitzgerald, Director of Marketing and Operations, Arbitron Webcast Services

Session 2
Subscription and Pay-Per-View: The Holy Grail?

This session will address the emergence of subscription programming and the factors that come into play when mapping out a pay-per-view/pay-per-use model. What lessons can we learn from the cable industry and will this model truly be the holy grail for online media and entertainment? Learn about the issues affecting the online subscription universe, how to set up and market subscription content and what attracts and retains subscribers.

Moderator: Scott Ehrlich, Vice President, Programming, RealNetworks

Session 3
Brand Insurance: Strategies for the New Media Space

With the rapid adoption of broadband and the accompanying demand for more broadband content, all Web content brands face new challenges– how to incorporate multimedia and how to define the customer experience. For traditional media brands, it’s a return to your core business, but with the added value of interactivity and cross-promotion. For established Web brands, it’s a question of how to transition and establish your presence as a media source. And for new media initiatives, it’s the challenge of getting the traction to build a brand position. In this session, industry pioneers and leaders will address these issues and provide insight to help you define your brand in the new media space.

Moderator: Erik Flannigan, Vice President, Music Services and Programming

Session 4
Content Strategies for Non-PC Devices

There's another world beyond the desktop, and it’s growing in size and importance every day. This session will look at the wide array of non-PC devices–set-top boxes, mobile phones, WAP devices–that are currently available, and others that will soon be coming to market. What kinds of content will these devices support, and what strategies should you implement to ensure you are prepared to extend your offerings to the estimated one billion devices that will be available over the next four years? Hear from industry experts on the opportunities available to you.

Moderator: Jay Jaishima, Director, Consumer Appliances Division
Speakers: Richard Doherty, Director, The Envisioneering Group
TBD, Nokia
TBD, Sony Computer Entertainment

Session 5
The Pitch: Is Your Business a Survivor or…the Weakest Link?

A cross between a business school competition and a classic "pitch," conference attendees will be invited to submit their proposals for consideration in advance of this session. Selected participants will have 3 minutes to pitch their concept before a panel of industry experts who will give raw, interactive feedback that will provide valuable insight and direction for the participants as well as audience members.

Session 6
Media & Entertainment Offerings: A Roadmap

As a business owner or creative executive, the task is to know your customer, evaluate your market and determine the best path for success in a perpetually changing environment. This session will detail the product and technology paths offered by RealNetworks and will demonstrate how to develop, sell and profit by adapting and aligning your business strategies with the company’s latest offerings, as well as how to prepare for the impact of future technologies.

Moderator: Liz Hughes, Regional Manager, RealNetworks
Speakers: Richard Doherty, Director, The Envisioneering Group

Track 2: Delivery & Infrastructure
Session 1
The Infrastructure Behind the Pretty Face

AOL is more than a portal. This is your unique opportunity to hear from one of the "super-infrastructures" of digital media delivery. Gain insight into how one of the world’s most reliable and successful networks was built. AOL executives will provide perspective on the most crucial business and technological decisions that led to the creation of one of the largest and most robust networking infrastructures. The panel will go on to discuss the future of digital media delivery, return on investment expectations, what kind of peering relationships they anticipate and how you can capitalize on the momentum.

Moderator: Lester Jackson, Group Program Manager, RealNetworks
Speakers: Mike Wise, Sr. Manager Streaming Services, AOL
Chris Amen, Sr. Manager Streaming Services, AOL

Session 2
Economics of Delivering Digital Media Over IP Networks

How do you maximize your return on investment using today’s wire line infrastructure and reach the audience of the future over wireless and cable networks? This session will illustrate the critical factors determining the cost of delivery, and how these factors change when reaching beyond the desktop PC. Learn the opportunities and bottom-line benefits of the delivery business.

Moderator: Adam Selipsky, General Manager of Solutions Marketing, RealNetworks
Speakers: Adam Cohen, Chief Media Officer, Digital Island
Steve Lerner, Vice President, Streaming Media Technology, Speedera
TBD, Qwest

Session 3
Fact and Fiction–Understanding Enterprise Needs

What is really important to the decision makers of today’s top enterprises? Find the answers to some of the most burning questions about delivery outsourcing, corporate training, intranet vs. Internet and bandwidth savings. Leaders from across the industry will articulate their expectations for digital media in the enterprise and identify the most compelling content and value-added services.

Moderator: Steve Snell, Vice President, North American Infrastructure and Enterprise Sales, RealNetworks

Session 4
What An Entertainment Executive Cares About

It’s time to go backstage, off camera and beyond the boardroom of the entertainment industry. This session will serve as a "sneak peek" into how the leaders in entertainment–your customers and prospects–determine what to broadcast and when with their traditional media vehicles. How does this process apply to digital media delivery, and how can you understand and capitalize on this process? What are the technologies that need to be considered to produce great user experiences across desktop, handheld and consumer entertainment devices? Join us as we outline the business issues affecting how entertainment companies select delivery partners.

Session 5
Understanding Fundamental Shifts in the Infrastructure Landscape

While there has been much talk about "convergence," few have detailed the fundamental shifts a converged world will present to network operators who must deploy the infrastructure required to profit from this changing marketplace. Infrastructure of the future will have to support multiple formats, device types, network topologies, and business models. Hear experts discuss these shifts and the technological advancements and architectural trends that are making it a reality. This session will address specific criteria you should use in planning for your network build-outs that will enable you to capitalize on immediate and future business opportunities.

Moderator: Ben Rotholtz, General Manager, Systems and Tools, RealNetworks
Speakers: TBD, Jupiter Media Metrix
Brad Hefta-Gaub, Director of Product Development, Media Systems, RealNetworks
Seth Rosenbloom, Program Manager, RealNetworks

Session 6
Competing for Consumers–Access Providers Speak!

This executive forum brings together the leaders of large-scale telecommunications, cable, and wireless companies to discuss the business models and delivery technologies that are key to connecting digital media to the consumer. You are invited to participate in what promises to be a lively, interactive session that will focus on understanding how last mile providers of broadband and wireless services are approaching this competitive market.

Moderator: TBD, Jupiter Media Metrix
TBD, Qwest
Mark Donovan, Marketing Manager, Infrastructure, RealNetworks

Track 3: Enterprise, Gov't & Education
Session 1
Creating a Business Case for Streaming Media

If you are responsible for building a business case for a digital media delivery system for your organization, then this session is essential to you. Understand how to improve employee productivity and increase the effectiveness of internal communications while significantly reducing costs. This session will focus on how to analyze your current costs, plan incremental costs associated with deploying a media delivery system and identify all the cost savings delivered by the system. Learn strategies for both identifying and communicating the business rationale for leveraging digital media in your organization.

Moderator: Adam Selipsky, General Manager of Solutions Marketing, RealNetworks

Session 2
Leading Edge Applications to Address Business Needs

Join us for an in-depth discussion on leading edge applications used by organizations to increase employee productivity, improve external relationships and generate revenue. To help you understand how to unlock the power of digital media, leading organizations from diverse industries, including enterprises, educational institutions and government agencies, will share their first-hand experience of digital media solutions in corporate communications, training, product launches, distance learning and customer communications.

Moderator: Janinne Brunyee, Marketing Manager, Enterprise
Speakers: Andru Anderson, K-TV Production Manager, Applied Materials
Nathaniel Robinson, Oracle Corporation
Christopher Espinosa, Chief Multimedia Architect, Hewlett Packard-Bluestone

Session 3
Deploying the Right System for Your Organization

In any successful digital media deployment, the media delivery system must meet a number of functional requirements, including flexible deployment, delivering the highest quality media experience, reliably reaching the largest audience and supporting a heterogeneous Internet environment. Whether you are responsible for business or technical aspects of your digital media deployment, this session will demonstrate how to deploy a digital media infrastructure that provides as broad a user base as possible with scalable, reliable, manageable, cost-effective and network-efficient access to high-quality digital media content.

Session 4
The Evolving Roadmap for Enterprise Media Delivery

RealNetworks will lead a discussion on how enterprise media delivery system requirements will evolve over the coming years. In this session, we will review enterprise media delivery trends and will gain insight into how RealNetworks technologies respond to these changing needs. This session will also cover additional elements of a forward-looking digital media strategy, including opportunities with non-PC devices. Prepare your organization to take advantage of the technology innovations available in RealSystem, RealNetworks world-class enterprise media delivery system.

Session 5
Developing an E-Learning Solutions Strategy

Achieve a competitive advantage for your organization by learning how to use digital media to deliver optimized training and education to employees and other stakeholders across your organization. You will learn the components of an e-Learning solution, and how you can implement a solution that meets your organization’s unique needs–whether you want to make packaged training titles available to all employees on the intranet or want to develop your own training titles and deliver them via a Learning Management System. The session will also cover solutions available to educational institutions wishing to incorporate a distance-learning model.

Moderator: Kevin Foreman, General Manager, Partner and Developer Relations Group
Speakers: Hilary Kaplan, Director, Oracle Corporation
Larry Bouthillier, Director of Software Development, Harvard Business School

Session 6
When Information is Your Product

For many organizations, information is their product, and digital media provides them with a cost-effective means to deliver their high-quality content to internal and external customers. In this session, we will highlight industry-leading financial services firms as examples of the opportunities available to all organizations wanting to leverage their digital media content. This session will cover content creation strategies, as well as ways to control which internal and external audiences access content, and proven methods of protecting your rights as a content owner.

Conference content subject to change.


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